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How To Speed Up Magento

35 Ways To Speed Up Magento

Below is a list of techniques to increase the speed of your Magento site. To ensure the safety of your site, I would encourage you to make these changes on a staging version of your site first. If you achieve improved performance then adopt these changes on your live site. Use Pingdom or magespeedtest.com to measure your page load speed.

  • 1. Run Magento on a dedicated server or with a host that specializes in Magento hosting. Magento is a resource intensive application and you will get what you pay for in hosting.
  • 2. Remove files on your server that you don't use.
  • 3. Clean out your database log files. Configure Magento to remove log files every five days.
  • 4. Goto MySQL Admin and select all the tables and repair and then optimize them.
  • 5. Use a PHP accelerator like APC, ZendOptimizer+ or Xcache
  • 6. Enable Gzip Compression in htaccess.
  • 7. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host your product images.
  • 8. Make sure your site is W3C compliant.
  • 9. Swap Apache for NginX or Litespeed.
  • 10. Make sure your running the latest version of Magento. With each release Magento improves performance.
  • 11. set 'php_value memory_limit 128M' in your php configuration or add it to your .htaccess file to ensure you don't run out of memory.
  • 12. Enable Memcache. This is for dedicated servers.
  • 13. Use Varnish Reverse Proxy Caching to improve your sites speed. Learn more
  • 14. Disable the PHP open_basedir directive.
  • 15. Eliminate directory structure scans for .htaccess files
  • 16. Query Cach: query_cache_size: 64MB, query_cache_limit: 2MB
  • 17. If your site is generating a lot of traffic. Use multiple front end servers and database servers to distribute the load.
  • 18. If you have a popular site that is heavily crawled by searchengines, you can save some resources by tweaking your robots.txt.
  • 19. Uninstall any extensions you don't use.
  • 20. Enable all Magento Caches.
  • 21. Combine Javascript and CSS files.
  • 22. Don't use layered navigation if you don't really need it, it's resource intensive.
  • 23. Use Magento's Compilation feature. It's reported to give you a 25%-50% performance boost: System > Tools > Compilation.
  • 24. Limit the number of products on a product overview page.
  • 25. Disable the Magento log: System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> Log Settings (default is disabled)
  • 26. Optimize all product images.
  • 27. Optimize all template / theme images. Don't use transparent .png's unless you have too.
  • 28. Use CSS image Sprites to make image loading more efficient.
  • 29. Use Block cache and HTML output in your extensions.
  • 30. Define image dimensions.
  • 31. Install Magento performance extensions.
  • 32. Minimize site redirects.
  • 33. Use an optimized Magento theme. Run a page load speed test when you first install the theme to see how the site performs before you load it with products and content.
  • 34. Compile MySQL from source instead of your OS's package manager.
  • 35. Try some of these cache extensions: PageCache | Turpintine | Zoom.

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